The Vegetable Specialists

Picture of an Owl, representing J W Grants work with the Barn Owl Conservation Network

Conservation and Wildlife

We have been working in partnership with the Barn Owl Conservation Network and the Wildlife Conservation Partnership since 2007. With advice from the local advisor, Bob Sheppard, we have created 21 Barn Owl and Little Owl nest boxes around the farms. We have had a great success with many owl and kestrel chicks hatched and ringed for identification.

LEAF Logo. Linking Environment And Farming


The farm has been a member of LEAF for approximately 10 years. The principles behind LEAF are Integrated Farm Management which brings together decisions on the farm in a balanced and considered way. Efficient production of wholesome food can be combined with care for nature. Farming with the LEAF principles is agriculture that consumers can trust and is good for both wildlife and the landscape.

FWAG Logo. Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group


We are members of FWAG, the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group. We have used FWAG to conduct a survey of the wildlife and environment on the farm. This survey has been used to set up a long term environmental policy for the business and to link our objectives to the local Lincolnshire Fens Biodiversity Action Plan.

Schools & Colleges

We have developed close links over the past few years with local schools to help educate children about where their food comes from. Our theme has been ‘Plant to Plate’ giving them an insight into the raising of vegetables from seed to the final product on the supermarket shelves.